Agreement Taxi Maroc

What is the difference between the taxi driver and a “normal” driver? Answer: A trusted driver`s licence is a prerequisite for driving a taxi. Before being eligible for this valuable document, the applicant must have a driver`s licence of at least five years; A way to block the road to young candidates. The rest of the application file contains mundane administrative documents, with the exception of the so-called medical fitness certificate issued by a public health physician that contains information about the candidate`s “visual ability.” An important clue that may surprise some: the certificate does not refer to the psychic abilities of the future taxi driver. The full file will be filed with the department of the wilaya. Twice a year, candidates who show up for a technical examination are summoned. The candidate`s competencies are determined by a commission chaired by a wilaya agent, which includes, among others, a police officer. The tests are oral and focus on the knowledge of the city. The future taxi driver must do everything┬«t, starting with important addresses: hospitals, police stations, cemeteries, diplomatic representations, hotels, public administrations, airports, bus stations, etc. Questions are also asked about the routes to be covered, which must be the shortest and therefore the most advantageous for the customer.

But also on the lines to be maintained (compared to the people transported) in case of unforeseen. This test is the last step for the candidate. If he misses it, he can always redeem himself at the second session. If he fails again, he will never have his certificate of confidence. A taxi can be rented for half a day, day, night or month How many have the precious trusted permit in their pocket? We have received the numbers for the whole country. in vain. But as a consolation, we know that there are no less than 70,000 people in the greater Casablanca. “The rule is simple,” says one taxi driver: “There are five times as many driver`s licenses as taxis.

And in Casablanca, there are nearly 14,000 taxis, including nearly 6,000 white (large taxis).” For the holder of the trust licence, the most important thing is to find an authorization to use. And that is the second important factor. Find this convenience to use. The research is done on an individual basis, using the old methods of the D system. Some casual drivers visit cafes near taxi stations and wait patiently for the owner to show up for a driver`s license. Others use the services of semsara or intermediary. The rental of the taxi can be done in two ways: a daily pass or a package that can extend for months or even years. In the first case, the holder of the trust authorization rents a taxi package for registration. In the second case, the person who rents the registration buys the taxi itself. During the day, the rent can be sliced. The 7am to 2pm is the most common, the rental fee is usually in the 110-140 DH/day range. The next installment can last up to 21 hours or 10 p.m.

and costs an average of 10 to 20 DH less. The night fare, which runs until the early hours of the morning, is increased by a few dozen dirhams, with the taxi fare itself being increased by 50%. The 24-hour package costs an average of DH 220, while the 12-hour package is 160 DH. Precision: the driver returns the car to its owner at the end of his period with full fuel, that is, as he rented it at the beginning.