Sales Management Agreement

2. [Seize the time the company has to transfer commissions to the commercial advisor.] i Any part of this document may be amended or replaced according to your needs.ii This date gives us information on the date on which this agreement was written and distinguishes them from other similar agreements here.iv Complete the full seller`s name here.v Enter the start and end date of the actual sales commission period. Most companies use the start and end dates of the calendar or fiscal year for these values. Some companies may not have an end date Otherwise you can delete this section or say it as “The base salary is shown in a separate employment contract.vii Basic amount by period payable.viii Weekly, twice a week, two months, monthly, etcix If there is targeted compensation for the whole year, it can be entered here. Otherwise, this entire section can be removed.x This incentive encourages sales of higher products by paying higher commissions if the quota is exceeded.xi Enter here the amount of quotas. This could be a monthly or quarterly quota. It is also possible to have no quota at all.xii Replace with appropriate products or product families. Alternatively, products can be replaced by customers or business types.xiii Alternatively, a commission may be due for billing or shipping of goods or other events.xiv This incentive is an overcharge of all commercial agents who report to the Manager.xv A commission may be due for billing or shipping of goods or other events.xvi The commission rate may vary depending on the overall objectives and expected Sale. The company cannot transfer its interest and obligations under this agreement. If the sales advisor is a business entity, there are other assignment options that can be discussed with a lawyer. 1.

Nomination. The entity appoints the sales advisor as its representative in order to carry out the best efforts to promote and market services to customers in the territory, in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement. It is presumed that, without the company`s express written agreement, Sales Consultant will not enter into similar agreements or agreements with a competitor of the company after the agreement enters into force and for the duration of the agreement. A. The company will compensate the sales advisor on the basis of a commission, as described in Schedule A, which is added to this effect and added by reference.