Microsoft Csp End User Agreement

18.1 Full agreement. This CSP agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the supply of the products. It replaces all advance notifications about products. Microsoft may change the program manual from time to time without the customer`s consent. In the event of a substantial change to the program guide, the provider will notify the customer 30 days before the written notification. In the event of contradictions between this CSP agreement and the program guide, the CSP agreement takes precedence over the program guide. 1.8 A reference to this CSP agreement or any other agreement or document referred to in this CSP agreement is a reference to this CSP agreement or any other agreement or document that has been amended or renewed from time to time as different or new (in any case, contrary to the provisions of the CSP Convention). Resello`s Microsoft CSP specialists are closely following the introduction of the new Microsoft partnership agreement. We will keep our partners informed of all relevant information in the coming months and will advise and assist our partners in the adoption of the new agreement.

If you have any further questions at this stage, please contact us. Microsoft incorporates several different agreements into a new single and simple agreement. The new contract will help build trust between partners, customers and Microsoft to help build trust between partners, customers and Microsoft by providing a higher level of transparency and consistent business practices. The new agreement aims to improve data protection, security and compliance conditions, as well as to demonstrate and strengthen the rights and responsibilities of partners to meet regulatory requirements. In principle, Microsoft moves from a number of different agreements to a new agreement, while updating them for new and future rules, as well as for data protection and compliance laws. All CSP partners must accept Microsoft`s partnership agreement to ensure that their ability to place orders to new or existing customers under the CSP program is not disrupted. After checking the terms with their legal team and the management of the company, it is the global administrator of the CSP client who accepts the agreement at the Partner Center.