Maxxam Analytics Collective Agreement

This group will be integrated into the existing LifeLabs collective agreement and will now hear its collective voices negotiating issues such as job security and wages with management as part of a cooperative and fair process. Staff at the LifeLabs Cam Coady Building (CCB) in Surrey will join the 820 members across the country. The CWB vote included the current BCGEU/NUPGE members who are transferred from the LifeLabs Burnaby unionized laboratory to the previously non-union surrey laboratory. With a collective agreement, you know what your rights are. You know what your employer can and cannot do, and by negotiating a collective agreement, you collectively have control over your working conditions. If you are a member of the BCGEU, you are not alone in managing and dealing with issues in your workplace. A collective agreement with your employer means that your rights as an employee, working conditions and remuneration are clearly formulated and enforceable. “Our LifeLabs members will now have an even stronger voice and greater influence at the negotiating table,” said Stephanie Smith, President of BCGEU. “This victory demonstrates the continued growth of our members in the health sector and will ultimately strengthen the voice of all our 17,000 members in the health sector.” LifeLabs acquired BC BioMedical in April 2013. Following the merger, BC BioMedical employees expressed interest in being part of the LifeLabs collective agreement. LifeLabs was certified in 1999 and has a long history with BCGEU/NUPGE. Vancouver (June 29, 2015) – The B.C. Government and Service Employees` Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) is proud to welcome a group of more than 260 employees from LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services (formerly BC Biomedical).

For more information on BCGEU membership, please contact 604-882-0111 or For Jing Tao, being a steward at his workplace for five years has been a satisfying and rewarding experience. Jing, who has worked at Maxxam Analytics in various departments for about 17 years, is a proud member of the BC Government and Employees` Union (BCGEU). “We know the union is here to protect us,” Jing says. “The whole purpose of the union is to bring fairness to the workplace.” After a long and extensive organizing campaign, analysts, couriers, call centres, laboratory assistants and technologists voted overwhelmingly in favour of THE BCGEU/NUPGE representation in order to preserve the rights and protection of the LifeLabs trade union contract. LifeLabs BCGEU/NUPGE members provide diagnostic laboratory services through patient service centres, home care and long-term care visits, as well as laboratory testing centers, and perform more than 90% of laboratory work on B.C. Patients who are not admitted to hospitals. This recent success of LifeLabs shows once again that BCGEU is the union of choice for B.C. laboratory workers and represents a total of nearly 1,400 laboratory employees on construction sites, including Silliker JR Laboratories, Maxxam Analytics and IDEXX Laboratories.

Jing points out that for him, union membership is not just about raising wages. The primary goal is to work in a positive work environment “because working in a positive and healthy work environment makes work more productive. You go home, you`ve accomplished something and you`re happy with your professional life. It`s a good feeling. “Our LifeLabs members will now have an even stronger voice and greater influence at the negotiating table. – Stephanie Smith, President of BCGEU BCGEU/NUPGE, now represents more than 1,000 LifeLabs members across the province. Most of B.C`s LifeLabs are now unionized. “It`s the only way to protect us,” he adds. “If we do not remain united, we risk losing our rights. If the work stays together, we can move forward.

Jing remembered his first emigration to Canada about 20 years ago.