Invisalign Agreement Form

When filling out an invisalign consent form, a witness must be present, usually a nurse from the office. If the procedure applies to a minor, the parent or legal guardian of the minor must give consent. The form should be used to process all the details of the procedure and should allow the patient to read and ask questions before signing. The path will also have a dental card indicating where the Invisalign device would be installed, and the patient must agree. You must choose to wear the Invisalign device for the time proposed by the practitioner. This is a form that a patient must sign to allow an orthodontist to use the invisalign treatment to align the teeth. It is considered cosmetic surgery, and the document itself informs the patient of potential risks, potential inconveniences and their responsibility for things such as compensation and follow-up. After the signing, the patient assumes responsibility for the treatment and Invisalign and the doctor are protected from liability. There are some things you need to be safe are on the form for it to be effective and protect the practitioner from liability. Be careful: some orthodontic procedures can be a hazard, especially if the patient has not been informed of how the process is carried out and the follow-up methods he must follow. Make sure you are as accurate and accurate as possible. The invisalign consent form is completed by a patient to give his orthodontist permission to use the invisalign as a cosmetic treatment. Invisalign is a treatment that uses Alignment, a less visible alternative to parentheses in improving tooth alignment.

This document informs the patient of the responsibilities, inconveniences and potential risks associated with the procedure and requires that the patient recognize these factors. By assuming responsibility for the treatment, the dentist and Invisalign are generally protected from possible litigation. Informed consent is a legal requirement that allows the dentist/orthodontist to reach the patient and respects a patient`s right to decide for himself whether he or she wants treatment. The goal is: Specific medical and dental interventions require the patient to give informed consent before the process can be performed. This treatment is invisalign and is performed by an orthodontist. In this case, an Informed Consent Form invisalign is used.