Inmarsat Credit Agreement

This website is operated by Inmarsat Global Limited (“We”). We are registered in England and Wales under the company number 3675885 and have our head office at 99 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AX, which is also our main business address. Our VAT identification number is GB 730 934 930. 1.2 The contract is deemed accepted when the contractor signs and returns a copy of the employment contract at the effective point of that agreement (“Date of effect”). For the purposes of these conditions, “agreement” refers to the agreement between Inmarsat and the provider for the provision of services in accordance with these conditions and accompanying work orders. 4.7. From time to time, the customer will provide financial information, as Inmarsat may reasonably require to determine the customer`s creditworthiness. Inmarsat treats all financial information provided by the customer as confidential information. If Inmarsat reasonably notes that the customer`s creditworthiness is not sufficient to cover the full payment of all costs, Inmarsat may require the customer to provide a financial guarantee in a form reasonably acceptable to Inmarsat, so that Inmarsat will continue to provide the products. If the customer does not provide the requested warranty within 20 business days of such a request, Inmarsat may suspend the availability of the products until such a guarantee is provided. 7.1. The customer is fully responsible for paying all data taxes generated by the use of the device. It is the client`s sole obligation and responsibility to ensure that all associated devices and hardware and software are properly configured (including for all services with which they are used) and that only authorized users are allowed to access the device.

Inmarsat does not provide credits or refunds for allegedly accidental, involuntary or unauthorized use of data (or languages). This site,, is operated by Inmarsat Global Limited. These terms and conditions govern the supply of Inmarsat products to the Customer, unless Inmarsat has entered into a separate written agreement with the Customer for the supply of a product, in which case such a separate written agreement replaces these conditions relating to the products concerned. 4.2. Inmarsat charges the customer an electronic invoice for each product in accordance with the conditions set