Health Representative Agreement

(a) to pay the monitor for being used as a monitor for the authority conferred on the representative in paragraph 7, paragraph 1, points (a), b) or d), and (5) a person designated as an observer in a representation agreement must complete a surveillance certificate in the prescribed form. 4. To be designated as a monitor in a representation agreement, a person must be at least 19 years old and be willing and able to perform his duties and exercise the powers of a monitor. You may also elect one or more alternate representatives who may act in the place of your first representative if he or she is unwilling or unable to act for any reason. If you appoint an alternative representative, you must indicate in your agreement the circumstances under which your alternative may act as a representative. For a representation agreement (section 7) to be effective, it is necessary, if necessary, to complete the following certifications: The main task of representation agreements is to appoint a representative with the legal authority to make decisions about health care and care on behalf of the adult who makes the agreement. The agreement could define all the maintenance requests for the heather that the adult wishes to satisfy. The representative can make these decisions if the adult who makes the agreement loses the ability to communicate or make those decisions. An adult may enter into a standard representation agreement (as described in Section 7 of the Representation Agreement Act), even if the adult may not be able to manage health or physical care or deal with legal or financial issues. In determining whether an adult is in a position to enter into such an agreement, all relevant factors must be considered. Examples of these factors are that there are good reasons to allow representatives to act independently. If z.B.

one representative is temporarily unavailable due to leave or illness, the other may take over himself and decisions can continue to be made on your behalf. On the other hand, the requirement for your representatives to make joint decisions will ensure that there will always be a “double audit” of decisions made on your behalf. Under current BC laws, health care providers must choose from the first qualified person available in the following order: You can choose any competent person acting as your representative as long as they are 19 years of age or older and are ready to act as your representative. There is no definition of a “representation agreement” under the Representation Agreement Act, with the exception of the more tautological “means an agreement under Section 7 or 9.” Section 2 of the Act provides assistance: 2. At the request of a representative, the Tribunal may give instructions or issue an opinion on the interpretation of a provision of a representation agreement. 3. When a substitute is appointed, the agreement states that standard forms may not be used by all, as they offer only one option to enter into a representation agreement or a permanent power of attorney. These forms provide, for example. B the appointment of a single representative or lawyer to act at the same time.

There are also many other options in the legislation that are not reflected in these forms: for example, the type of authority that can be granted or when the document comes into force.